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About Briar Hill Furniture

Briar Hill Rustic Furniture is a locally owned manufacturing facility of white cedar log furniture located near Leeper, a small community in northwestern Pennsylvania. Briar Hill is nestled midway between scenic Allegheny National Forest and Cook Forest State Park. The surroundings have inspired the rustic design of Briar Hill’s beautiful furniture.

Our interior furniture - simple but comfortable - offers the perfect blend of form and function. Our log designs compliment any rustic setting.

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Home Furniture Decisions

Home design decisions can be such a hassle, to be honest. You only have so much money to invest in furniture pieces for indoor and outdoor spaces. Your imagination usually sees many more possibilities than you can reasonably afford, that is, if you accept the limitations of your pocketbook.

Don’t’ despair! We’ve got furniture solutions for many budgets. If you’re looking for a way to outfit your outdoor spaces with beautiful furniture, you have come to the right company.

Each piece of White Cedar Furniture made by Briar Hill is painstakingly made to function as a long-term piece for outdoor decks, patios, lawns, and cabins. You can lounge around on a piece of wood furniture or use it as a decorative piece for your outdoor space. Our rustic outdoor furniture also functions to accommodate guests during outdoor picnics, parties, and family gatherings.
When you begin to select your Outdoor Log Furniture on our website, you may not know what to buy. After all, log furniture is known for its simple beauty. Wood is naturally endowed with special marks and colors, and it is easy to shape into designs for you, from simple to exquisite.
We recommend that prospective customers browse around on this website and use the colorful photos to get an idea of our rustic furniture designs. These beautiful pieces of furniture might work as outdoor furniture or indoor furniture.
If you need to match the wood of your home’s exterior or deck, or perhaps even the trees growing on your property, contact us for personalized assistance. When you call 866-744-9913, you can ask your questions of an expert salesperson.
For instance, our experts can recommend how to plan for the wear-and-tear of our furniture creations. We can also recommend furniture packages that will outfit your entire outdoor space. No matter what your furniture budget is, we’ve got an outdoor furniture solution for you to consider.
If you have your heart set on specific furniture models, you can always budget for these pieces. Our outdoor furniture is subject to availability, but you can find that information out at any time. When you are ready to place your order for rustic furniture, we will gladly let you know what we have in stock. Every customer is welcome to place an order on our website or by telephone.