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Cedar Characteristics

Cedar Characteristics

All natural, northern white cedar logs are the main components in Briar Hill Rustic Furniture’s exclusive designs. We strive for a distinctive, individual look that guarantees originality in each piece. As a result of working with natural woods in a whole log form, some cracking will occur due to shrinkage of the outer layer through exposure to dry air. This is a natural process of drying that occurs in all wood in log form. (Cracks and splits are characteristic of northern white cedar and are not manufacturing defects. They do not affect the quality or performance of the item). However, if further cracks do develop over time, you can apply a similar color stain on the crack to help conceal it.


White cedar is naturally rot-resistant and insect-proof. No finishing product is needed for the sole purpose of preservation. When left in its natural state, cedar will weather to silver-gray. If this is not desirable, we recommend finishing with a semi-transparent stain containing sunscreen. Sunscreens are necessary to help prevent ultra-violet rays from breaking down color. Ordinarily, only one coat is necessary and product cost is minimal. It is necessary for cedar logs to “breath” (dryout then take on moisture). The breathing process allows the log’s cracks to open and close thus ensuring it’s rot-resistant characteristic. It is important that a “sealant” (a product that will “seal” or inhibit the breathing process of the logs) not be used on the furniture. Sealants are products that are not absorbed by the log but that build up layers, such as, paints, polyurethanes, varnishes, marine varnishes, etc.


To minimize cracking indoor caused by dry heat, we recommend a “non-breathable” finish such as polyurethane or varnish. Poly’s seal natural moisture inside and help prevent cedar from over-drying. Finishes range from satin to high-gloss sheens. When a color other than natural is desired, a hand-rubbed stain is applied prior to the first coat of polyurethane.


Because of the natural round log construction and varying diameters it may be necessary to gently force pieces together using a wooden mallet or a block of wood and hammer during assembly. (Hardware and instructions for assembly included; ring shank galvanized nails; zinc plated hardware).


Briar Hill Rustic Furniture warrants against any manufacturing defects or material defects exclusive of those stated in paragraph one for a period of five years on frame.