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Q.  What are your shipping cost?

A.  Shipping varies in price according to purchase weigh and size.  Please call (866) 744-9913 for shipping quotes so we can give the best and most up to date price for product.


Q.  What are the differences between your indoor and outdoor furniture?

A.  Both lines are made of northern white cedar.  The difference is in the style of the furniture and in the product used to finish the furniture.  For example:  an exterior chair has slates for the back and seat and can be finished with an exterior stain.  The interior chair is constructed completely of logs, has a high quality cushion, and will be completed with an interior stain and polyurethane.


Q.  I’m having some trouble assembling a table I purchased.  It seems like the parts don’t fit quite right.  Is it possible my kit was shipped with the wrong pieces?

A.  Probably not.  Note that because of the natural round log construction and varying diameters, it may be necessary to gently force pieces together using a wooden mallet or a block of wood and hammer during assembly.  Never strike the furniture directly with a hammer, always use some sort of protective buffer.


Q.  My loveseat has some cracks and splits – is it defective?

A.  Certainly not!  Cracks and splits are characteristic of northern white cedar and are not manufacturing defects.


Q.  Tell me more about these “cracks”.

A.  Although cracks are characteristic of white cedar, any wood in log form will crack.  Its part of the natural drying process.  The cracks will not extend deeper that the “core” of the log and wont fall apart.  As the air becomes more humid or when it is a rainy season,  the cracks will close up some.  Then will open again when it gets hotter weather.


Q.  What finish should I put on my swing to protect it?

A.  Your exterior furniture does not need to be finished for protection.  White cedar is naturally rot-resistant and insect-resistant.  The only reason you would want to finish it is because you don’t like the silver-grey color it will acquire in time.  In this case, any EXTERIOR stain of your choice can be used.  The furniture needs to “breathe” so don’t “seal” it.  This is very important.